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A fun endless runner.

Really fun endless runner! here's some feedback though:

-you can buy new ships eventhough you dont have enough money, just check wether or not the player has enough money, and only then do you give them the ship and reduce the money. this is qiute a game-breaking bug so i suggest that you spend a little more time testing the game before shipping it.

-i think the perspective is a little wierd sometimes, it's hard to know if you're in the right place or not. mayby bring the camera down abit to a level closer to the ship.

-i think you should tilt the ship slightly when steering to the sides, mayby also smooth out the movement a little it feels abut to responsive

Thank you for your review!

I fixed the shop bug, and edited the camera settings a little bit (I am currently working on a camera settings option which will be out probably in the next update). 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

The Cubitronic Cave Runner, An abstract cave made of uneven cyan cubes is unusual, but simple.